Efforts to Support Accessibility to College

August 20, 2015

Pacific Islands University will start classes on Monday, August 24th with a reduction in tuition costs. The per credit tuition of $199.10, down from $295.00 per credit, was initiated during the 2015 Summer Term and will continue through the next academic year. The choice to reduce tuition and the challenges associated with the decision was driven by PIU’s mission to provide an excellent, accessible, and transformational education to students from Guam and the rest of Micronesia. PIU’s commitment to hold costs down and limit long-term financial obligations for students is also supported by efforts to help students complete their programs without any student loans. According to PIU’s President, Dr. David Owen,

“The board of trustees of PIU approved the reduction in tuition because they recognized that one of the biggest barriers to higher education is the rising cost. Our mission at PIU is to make higher education accessible to the students of the Pacific region who would not be able overcome this, and other, barriers. I never want money, or the lack of it, to keep a student who wants to come to PIU from accessing what we offer.”

PIU joins other institutions such as Seton Hall University in New Jersey, Ashland University in Ohio, and Ancilla College in Indiana; in reducing tuition in the last two years. PIU also joins institutions, such as Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, University of Charleston in West Virginia, and Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina, that have recently frozen tuition rates.

In 2014-2015, the national average for tuition and fees for a private university was $31, 231.00. For a public university, the national average is $9,139.00, as reported by www.collegedata.com. For a PIU student, the average annual cost for tuition and fees will be $5,426.00. In 2013, the Institute for College Access and Success reported that almost 70% of all college graduates will have college debt at an average of $28,000.00 per student. PIU’s efforts to reduce tuition and help students graduate without debt will help students achieve their goals and contribute positively to the community. According to PIU Executive Administrator, Nino Pate,

“The university has pursued a variety of cost cutting and efficiency initiatives to generate additional revenues while reducing costs, including streamlining operations without sacrificing quality education and student services; stressing shared administrative services; and investing in environmentally-friendly systems that reduce energy consumption. PIU also received increased scholarship funding from a private foundation and individual donors this year, which justified the tuition reduction, It is the institution’s desire to hold the line and to be helpful as much as possible for the students to enroll and complete their education at PIU”.

For more information, contact Juan Flores at Pacific Islands University (734-1812 or [email protected]).