Full-time & Part-time

Kaki Binejal
BA in Religious Education, St. Paul Bible College; MA in Counseling, North American Baptist Seminary.  Guidance Counselor and Instructor
email: [email protected]

Iotaka Choram
Diploma in Biblical Studies, Micronesian Institute of Biblical Studies; MDiv, International Theological Seminary. Biblical Studies Chair and Instructor
email: [email protected]

Kenneth Dixon
BA in Biblical and Theological Studies & BS in Mathematics, Biola University; MDiv., Western Seminary. Instructor
email: [email protected]

Paul Drake
BA in History and Education, Southeasthern Massachusetts University; MRE, Canadian Theological College; MLS, University of Alberta. Library Director and Instructor
email: [email protected]

Juan Flores
BA in Biology, Colgate University of Hamilton, NY; MA in Education, University of Portland; PhD in Leadership Studies, Gonzaga University. Provost and Academic Vice President and Instructor
email: [email protected]

Celeste Heimbach
BS in Intercultural Studies, Columbia International University; MA in Intercultural Studies, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Dean of Students and Instructor
email: [email protected]

Dorothy Houde
BA in Spanish, MS in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), State University of New York at Albany. Instructor
email: [email protected]

Gary Houde
BA in Geography and Anthropology, Master of Arts in Geography, State University of New York at Albany; Master of Divinities-Bible Exposition, Columbia International University. Instructor
email: [email protected]

Peter Knapp
Licentiate in Theology, Staatsunabhangige Theologische Hochschule; BA in Anthropology, Eckerd College; MA in Linguistics, University of Texas. Instructor
email: [email protected]

Yosta Lodge
BA in Biblical Studies, Micronesian Institute of Biblical Studies; MA in Bible, Columbia International University. Instructor
email: l[email protected]

Happiness Lodge
BA in Biblical Studies, Pacific Islands Bible College; MDiv, International Theological Seminary. Instructor
email: [email protected]

James Mason
BA in Theatre, MA in Theatre, Minor in Speech and English, University of California. Secondary & California Community College Teaching Credentials. Interim Provost/Academic VP and Instructor
email: [email protected]

David L Owen
BA in History, Biola University; ThM in Academic Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary; PhD in Biblical Studies, Trinity Theological Seminary. President and Instructor
email: [email protected] website: www.owensonguam.com

Michael Owen
BA in Humanities, Biola University; MA in Biblical and Theological Studies Diversified, Talbot School of Theology; ThM in Bible Exposition, Talbot School of Theology. Seminary Dean & Instructor
email: [email protected] 
(on Academic Sabbatical)

Niño Pate
BS in Statistics, GD in Econometrics, MS in Econometrics, University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP). Executive Administrator and Administration & Finance Vice President and Instructor
email: [email protected]

M. James Sawyer
BA in Biblical Studies, Biola University; Th.M. New Testament, Ph.D. Historical Theology, Dallas Theological Seminary. Seminary Dean & Professor – email: [email protected]

Hartmut Scherer
Dipl.-Ing (FH), University of Applied Sciences, Cologne; MDiv equivalent, Theologisches Seminar der Liebenzeller Mission; ThM, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Distance Education Director and Instructor.
email: [email protected]

Urte M Scherer
Dipl.-Finwin (FH), Fachhochschule für Finanzen, Nordkirchen; Gemeindehelferin, Theologisches Seminar der Liebenzeller Mission; MDiv, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Enrollment Management Director/Registrar and Instructor. email: [email protected]

Christel B Wood
Teaching Credentials, Pädagogische Hochschule, Wuppertal; EdD in Cross Cultural Studies, Biola University. Instructor.
email: [email protected]

William P Wood
BS in Mathematics, Geneva College; MDiv, Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary; PhD-Reformation-Post Reformation Studies, Westminster Theological Seminary. Instructor.
email: [email protected]

Adjunct & Visiting

Stephen Bradley

BME (Mechanical Engineering), Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; MDiv, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Visiting Instructor.
email: [email protected]

Sarah Brubaker
BS in Psychology & Bible; MA in Intercultural Studies & TEFL, Columbia International UniversityAdjunct Instructor
email: [email protected]

Bradley L Boydston
BA in Communication, Arizona State University; MDiv, DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary. Visiting Instructor.
email: [email protected] website: www.boydston.us

Jeni Ann Flores
AB in Political Science, University of the Philippines; MA in Education, University of Portland. Adjunct Instructor 

Shirley “Sam” Mabini
BS in International Business Management, University of San Francisco; M.Ed. Work, Community and Family Education, Ph.D. Work and Human Resource Education, University of Minnesota. Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected]

Marjorie Raess
BSEd, Concordia Teachers’ College; MEd in Guidance & Counseling, Wayne State University; EdS (Education Specialist in Education Administration), University of Kansas; DEd in Curriculum & Instruction, University of Oregon. Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected]

Jo Romaniello
BA in Interdisciplinary Creative Arts/Elementary Ed., San Francisco State University, CA; MFA in Art Education/Ed. Development, Boston University, Boston; MS in Counseling Psychology, Northeastern University, Boston. Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected]

Fred Schmidt
BA in Political Science, University of Indianna; Bloomington, IN; Juris Doctorate, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL; State Bar Association for Illinois and California (inactive/retired); PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Certificate #272264. Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected]

Karyn Sorenson
BA, Simpson College; MA, Azusa Pacific University. Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected] – website: eksorenson.blogspot.com

Steven Stinnette
BA in Spanish Education, Radford University; MMin, Trinity Theological Seminary. Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected] – website: stinnettesonguam.blogspot.com

Tom Van Engen
BA in Psychology/Communications, Dordt College. Ordained in Christian Reformed Church of North America.  Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected]

Perry Webb
BA, Westmont College; ThM. Dallas Theological Seminary. Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected]

Rolando Zepeda
BS in Industrial Education, Technological University of the Philippines. M.A. equivalency. Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected]

Allan Ziegler
BA in History, West Virginia University; BA, Education, Cleveland State University; MA Educational Leadership, San Diego State University. Adjunct Instructor

Remedial & ESL Programs

Joshua Combs
BA in Biblical Studies, Pacific Islands University. Adjunct Instructor
[email protected]

Jesse Hartt
BA in Liberal Studies, Pacific Islands University. Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected]

Joyce Owen
BA in Biblical Studies with minor in TESL, Pacific Islands University. Instructor
email: [email protected]

Howard Stone
BS, University of Maryland; MA, University of Virginia. Adjunct Instructor
email: [email protected]

Ossie Warner
Master of Education, Avondale College. MA in Counseling, University of the District of Columbia. MA in Christian. Adjunct Instructor