Pacific Islands Evangelical Seminary

The goal of Pacific Islands Evangelical Seminary is to produce biblically-formed servant leaders equipped to serve the churches and communities of the Pacific. This advanced level of training builds on the student’s undergraduate education to sharpen their understanding of God and His Word, the cultural context in which we serve, and the student’s ability to effectively communicate the good news of Christ Jesus.

Currently, Pacific Islands University is accredited to offer the Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) through Pacific Islands Evangelical Seminary. The Master of Arts in Religion is an introductory seminary degree providing and in-depth study of the Scriptures and the essential truths of the Christian message. The program is profitable for Christian educators, staff pastors, and for informed lay leaders desiring a scriptural undergirding for service in a supportive role in local church or other ministry.

To earn the MAR, a student completes 12 credit hours in biblical studies, 15 credit hours in theological studies and church history, and 18 credit hours in general ministry.

All persons interested in taking classes at the graduate level are welcome to study with us, provided the student has an accredited bachelor’s degree. To earn the full degree, the student must formally apply, and be accepted into the program. Please contact the office for more information by phone (671-734-1812) or email at [email protected]

Application documents are available here.