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What are the admissions qualifications for PIU?
  1. Completion of an Application
  2. Completion of a Placement Test
  3. If a first time college student, a high school transcript.
  4. If a transfer student, your official transcripts from your other institutions.
  5. Online video interview or reference
  6. For on-campus students, a copy of your immunization record.

For on-campus students, send admissions materials to:

Pacific Islands University
172 Kinney’s Road
Mangilao, Guam 96913

For online students, email materials to: [email protected]


When do classes start?
  • Classes start three times a year, in the fall, spring and summer. 
  • Applications deadlines are July 31 for the Fall, December 10 for the Spring and April 15 for the Summer to ensure you have time to finalize your financial aid and participate in our kick-off activities.
When will my transcripts be reviewed?

As soon as possible after you submit official transcripts, the evaluation process will begin.  We will notify you of all credits that are able to be transferred.

What’s the process for enrollment?
  1. Submit your application and all admissions required documents.
  2. Complete an enrollment session in-person or by video with your advisor
  3. Submit your FAFSA application
  4. If transferring from another institution, submit your official transcripts for transfer credit evaluation
Am I obligated to enroll once I submit my application?

Submitting your application is risk-free and does not obligate you to enroll. 

How long is my application valid?

Applications do not expire.  However, credits earned at other institutions may expire reducing the number of credits available for transfer to PIU.

What are my financial aid options?
  • PIU is approved to offer federal financial aid including Pell Grants and Federal Student Loans. 
  • Speak to your enrollment advisor for more information once you complete your application. 
  • PIU also offers a payment plan option for students paying out of pocket. 


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Enrollment Checklist
Ready to Apply?

  1. APPLY to PIU: In less than 10 minutes and confirm your eligibility for the program
  2. SUBMIT YOUR FAFSA: To determine your eligibility for financial aid.
  3. COMPLETE YOUR ONLINE ENROLLMENT INTERVIEW: Confirming the best degree program and path to graduation.
  4. SUBMIT COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS: If transferring from another institution, receive up to 60 transfer credits.

In most cases you will receive an acceptance decision during your enrollment interview.

After submitting your application electronically have your official transcript(s) sent to:

For PIU On-Campus Degree Programs – [email protected]

For PIU Online –  [email protected]


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Basic Requirements for PIU


  • Completion of an Application
  • First time college students:
    • Completion of a Placement Test
    • High school transcript
    • Copy of your immunization record
  • Transfer students: your official transcripts from your other institutions
  • Admissions interview (online or in-person) 



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