Pacific Islands Christian College

(24-30 semester hours/credits)

The Certificate in Basic English (CBE) program involves two semesters of instruction in elementary English skills. It is intended to help students who score between 400 and 434 on the paper based TOEFL test to raise their score to 450 or higher so they can apply for admission to the PIU degree programs. In short, the primary purpose of the program is to prepare students for further academic studies.

Students admitted to the Certificate in Basic English program are NOT automatically admitted to a degree program upon completion of the certificate. They must reapply for admission to additional programs. Classes taken in the CBE program are at a remedial level and are not transferable for college level credit. Course can be repeated for remedial credit. The student receives the certificate when he/she receives a score of 450 or above on the paper TOEFL test, regardless of the number of classes taken.