Here at PIU we have two dorms for men and two dorms for women. All of our dormitory rooms have air-conditioning.

The women stay in the Rollex and the Vortex. The Rollex houses 19 students¬† and has 4 full bathrooms and a complete kitchen while the Vortex houses 4 students and has 1 bathroom with a half-kitchen. Rollex has a large living area which is great for studying, chilling, working on homework, and when the weekend comes it quickly transforms into a movie theater. The Vortex is a small house with a small living space and a bedroom. The girls’ laundry room is outside behind the Rollex (main dorm).¬†

The men stay in the Cannex and the Mannex. The Mannex houses 18 students and has 4 full bathrooms and a full kitchen as well as an inside laundry room. Just like the Rollex, the Mannex has a large living room that has been used to do homework, eat, watch movies, chill out, and even make movies. The Cannex houses 8 students and has a full bathroom and a half kitchen. 

All 4 dorms are located just a few yards from the Basketball and Volleyball court as well as the Pavilion in the center of campus.