Dr Dave Owen Memorial Fund

Hold men like him in high regard.” (Php 2:29) could have been written for Dr. Dave Owen, longest serving President of PIU. Dave was stricken with cancer just before New Year 2017. He graduated to heaven last March. Not only is Dr. Owen’s life worthy of honor, his course isn’t finished and should be continued. A favorite line of Dave’s provides an outline, “Context, context, context.”

The Dr. Dave Owen Memorial Fund (DDOMF) will allow Pacific Islands University to continue providing “accessible, excellent, transformational, Christian higher education in the Pacific,” (PIU Mission) for the next decade and beyond.

In honor of Dr. Dave Owen, PIU’s third and longest serving President, the DDOMF will provide for PIU’s future in three important ways:

  • $10,000 to construct the campus Prayer Spot.
  • $90,000 to remodel PIU’s main building to be named the Ezra 7:10 Building.”
  • $100,000 Presidential Endowment, a legacy contribution, toward continuing excellent servantleadership.

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