Maintenance Services Supervisor Needed

Pacific Islands University is looking for a skilled laborer to serve as a as a Maintenance Services Supervisor and worker. This position is available to individuals seeking a volunteer or a missionary status with the University. It could be a great way for someone interested in a cross-cultural experience, a retiree, or even someone that is just interested in escaping the cold a few months out of the year in order to experience life at an institution in the Pacific that is making a difference for the kingdom of heaven’s sake.

Though no compensation is stated or implied in association with the position, PIU is open to working out available arrangements to support the volunteer/missionary worker.

If interested, please complete the PIU Volunteer Application and send it to our Human Resources office at [email protected]. You may also contact Human Resources Director Joshua Combs directly at [email protected]. Thank you for your consideration of serving Christ in this way.

See Maintenance Services Supervisor Job Description

PIU Volunteer Application (.pdf)