Jesse & Jonie Hartt

Alumni 9_14JessieJonieHartBoth graduated this year 2014 and recently got married. Jesse graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies while Jonie earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. Jesse is working as Remedial English instructor at the Pacific Islands University and Jonie is working at the Palm Ridge hotel in Tamuning.







Kita Mokut


Yoster Shirai, C’ 02 & Gina Simina

Alumni 4 2013 Shirai 1

Both graduated from Pacific Islands University and served as classroom instructors at the Berea Christian School in Chuuk, FSM. They have been serving both in the school as well as the church in different areas. Yoster has been a working with youth ministry at Berea Church and also to other churches around Chuuk lagoon and the outer islands. Yoster and Gina will be married on same day as Washington but in Chuuk, I send word of congratulations to you all from our office.

Congratulations on your day and God bless you as you serve him.


Alumni 4 2013 Shirai 2

Bruce and Mariana Enicar

Alumni July 14 Bruce and Mariana Enicar

Bruce and Mariana Enicar

Both graduated in the same class of 1997 with a Diploma in Biblical Studies. Bruce went on to graduate studies in Fiji where he acquired his Master’s in Theology. Bruce is now teaching at Bailey Olter High School formerly the Pohnpei Islands Central School. They are also serving as Pastor of the Sokehs Pah Church in Sokehs Pohnpei.







Yonder Linny

Alumni July 14 Yonder Linny

Alumni July 14 Yonder Linny

Graduated in 1998 with a Diploma in Biblical Studies. He went further for a Masters in Divinity at the International Theological Seminary in California. He is working at the FSM Telecommunication Corporation and also serves as Pastor at the Sokehs Pah Church in Pohnpei FSM.







Jason Johnny (Chuuk)

Alumni June 14 Jason Johnny

Graduated in 1997 with Diploma in Biblical Studies. Jason went on to College of Micronesia, FSM, where he acquired his degree in Education. He is now a teacher at the Sekere Elementary School in Sokehs, Pohnpei, FSM.






Aisek William (Chuuk) – graduated in 1997 Diploma of Biblical Studies. Aisek William is now residing in Corsicana, Texas, where he pastoring a Chuukese Church.

Herkina Seilo (Chuuk)

Alumni May 14 Herkina SeiloGraduated in 2003 (Diploma in Biblical Studies) She is currently working as a teacher at Berea Christian School Elementary Section.








Tavo Tuisalala (Chuuk)
Alumni May 14 Tavo TuisalalaGraduated in 2008 with Diploma in Biblical Studies). She is in her 3rd year at the Medical School in Fiji. Soon she will be a Medical officer.








Leila Daniel-2003, Palau

Alumni0414LeilaDanielGraduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. She is currently residing in Hawaii where she works at Good Shepherd Preschool ministry.








Sincerely Salep- 2002, Chuuk,

Alumni0414SincerelySalepGraduated in 2002 and she is currently residing in Hilo, Hawaii for couple years. She is now furthering her education at the University of Hawaii at Hilo.








Erten William


Graduated with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies in 2011. He is currently teaching in the Elementary School on the island of Ta in the Mortlock, Chuuk State FSM. Erten is also involved in the ministry of the church on that island.







Gloria Ikea

Gloria Ikea Alumni Mar 14Graduated with an Associates of Arts (AA) in Biblical Studies in 2011. She is currently working at the Chuuk State Special Education.








Darwin Joker

Darwin Joker

Darwin Joker

Graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. He is serving at the Faith Church (Chuukese Service) as Elder of the church. He and his wife (Hilaria Joker) have both been involved in the ministry of the Faith Church here on Guam for many years. Darwin is currently working on his Thesis from the University of Guam. (Lift him up in your prayer as he writes his thesis).







Soiter and Serlyn B. Sorim

Both graduated from PIBC around same time in 1996-97 and now live in Maui, Hawaii. Soiter went on to ITS – International Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA. and got his MA in Divinity. His wife Serlyn is working as nursing assistant at the Hale Makua nursing home in Maui. They are both involved in the Ministry of the CCMM – Chuukese Christian Ministry of Maui, Hawaii USA.

Serlyn and Samantha their daughter (Soiter is not in picture).




Lane Ohli

Jan 14 Lane Ohli v2

Graduated from the Pacific Islands Bible College in 1997 where he received his Diploma in Biblical Studies. Lane married Aileen Salle who was in the same class and they have been serving in their local Church and some areas of service in Pohnpei. Lane has recently graduated from SDSU through College of Micronesia –FSM with his Bachelor’s Degree in Education.






Robert Suva Roby

Jan 14 Robert Suva RobyGraduated in 2002 with a Diploma in Biblical Studies. He went onto Seminary (International Theological Seminary) in California where he acquired his Masters in Divinity. He and his wife, Jannette, have been serving with the MOM-USA (Micronesian Outreach Ministry USA) and other Micronesian groups in the States.






Charles Sam
Dec 13 Charles SamGraduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. He was a teacher at the Berea Christian School for a year and now he is currently pursuing a Masters in Theology at the Multnomah Seminary in Oregon, USA.






Mike Ihpa


Bandy Fred



Merea J. Fred

Merea J. Fred







Kayleen Ruben

Alumni Nove 13 Kayleen RubenGraduated in 2006 with her BA in Biblical Studies. She pursued her Nursing major at the Nursing College in Fiji islands and came back to work at the Chuuk State Public Health in Chuuk FSM.






Hadson and Shelby Ngirakesau

2013 October Alumni Shelby and Hadson

Both graduated in 2012 with Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies and they are now working as teachers in Palau. Hadson is teaching at Palau High school and Shelby his wife is teaching at the girl’s school – Bethania High School from which she graduated a few years ago.










Joyleen Ruben

Graduated in 2006 with a BA in Biblical Studies. She is now teaching in Lukunoch Elementary School. She has been a teacher there since she graduated from PIU.





Davy Welle

Alumni Sept 13 Davy WelleGraduated in May 2013 with a BA in Biblical Studies. He is now taking classes in Graduate courses and resides on Guam. Davy and Nainai recently had baby boy David.







Justin Marar

Alumni Sept 13 Justing MararGraduated in 2012 with a BA in Biblical Studies and now he is teaching at Mizpah Christian School in Chuuk. He recently married to Moimoi.










Marda Fred, 2005 Tol and 2008 Guam, BA

Alumni0713_Marda Fred

Marda Fred is currently residing in Vancouver, Washington and a member of the Chuuk Logos Community Church which is led by one of our Alumni- Rev. Joe Enlet. Marda is serving as the Sunday school teacher at the church and some other responsibilities at the church.

Word of Encouragement & prayer request- pray for her as she serves the Lord there and for a kind and humble heart. Pray also for strength as she serves in that ministry.

John3:30 “He must become greater and I must become less.”



Jake & Doralyn James




Hiob Ngirachemoi, 1990

Alumni0613_Hiob NgirachemoiHiob is now the pastor at the Koror Evangelical Church in Palau. Hiob went to ITS – (International Theological Seminary) in California where he received his Masters of Divinity. He has been serving with PIU in a lot of ways. Recently he came to the PIU board meeting to represent the Palau Churches.






Kalvin and Jayvina Assito



Josen Teico, 2003 Chuuk and 2006 Guam BA

Alumni 5 2013 TeicoJosen Teico served as classroom teacher at the Rita Christian School in Majuro Marshall since 2004. Josen is also serving as a pastor at a small church that was branch out from the mother church in Rita. Josen Teico is hoping to come back to PIU and continue in the MA program.





Washington Petrus


Robert Suva Roby

Graduated in 2002 and moved on the live in California. He enrolled at the International Theological Seminary where he graduated with a Masters of Divinity. He is married to Janette S. Roby and they are residing in San Diego, California.






Bandi Fred

Graduated in 2000 with a diploma in Biblical Studies and after that he resides in Pohnpei where he attended the College of Micronesia-FSM. He graduated in summer of 2004 with an AS. degree in Computer Information and he is currently in the Third Year program in Business Administration. Bandi is now working at the College of Micronesia- FSM as an Administrative Specialist. He recently married to Merea J. Fred who was in the class of 2001. No picture of both available yet.



Cathy F. Samuel

Graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. She is currently serving at the Berea Christian School as the principal for the Elementary Division. She is also serving with her husband in the ministry at the new church called- Living Water Church out in the south end of the island.

She asks that you continue to pray for the ministry that she and her husband are serving in.





Jermeia and Xyanne Sound

Jermeia and Xyanne both graduated in 2012 with their BAs in Biblical Studies and they are working in Chuuk right now. Xyanne is working at the FSM Supreme Court in Chuuk as Assistant Clerk and Court Reporter and Jeremiah is teaching at Mizpah Christian High School.

Pray for us that wherever God takes us, we may be the vessel in every ministries he would puts us in. That no matter how our surroundings would be like, we would stand strong and firm and be faithful in this life that God has already given us.

Words of Encouragement:
Jer 29:11 “ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Pastor, Ebert (BA, 2003)
Esily Ebert was attending the school back then in 1982 during MIBS on Tol. In 2003 he came back to Guam campus to finish his BA degree and after that he served as Pastor of Palau Evangelical Churches in Palau until today. He has been serving in multiple churches in different part of Palau by preaching and doing some other pastoral responsibilities.

Pastor Ebert chose a verse in the book of I Corinthians 15:58, to his encouragement to everyone of us. Here is the verse;

Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.(NIV).

Joyce Owen

Joyce Owen graduated with her BA and now she is teaching remedial English courses. Joyce and her husband Dave have been on island for many years and they have been serving the people here on Guam and some other neighboring islands in Micronesia. She is currently teaching English at the Japanese school here on Guam.

Mei Xuefen

Mei Graduated in 2011 with her BA and she was also the Valedictorian of her Class. Mei is now residing in the Arizona, USA and she is teaching Pre-school at Grace Garden Christian Preschool. She is also working in the ministry with one of our Distant Ed. Instructor Mr. Boydston and doing financial Administration at Master Piece Church.







Marvin Heine, 2001 PIBC

Alumni1112MarvinHeineMarvin Heine graduated from Tol campus in 2001 and went to the University of Hawaii and Hawaii Community College to finish his degree in Criminal Justice he is now serving in Pohnpei-FSM.






Paul Otoko, 1980 MIBS 

Alumni1112PaulOtokoPaul Otoko is serving as Pastor at the All Nation Community Church in Pasadena California; He is also serving in the Kingdom work throughout the US mainland.






Keiki Kin of Chuuk


Keiki Kin graduated from the Tol campus in 2001 and now he is residing in Maui, Hawaii with his wife from Tonga. ( You see him here in his Tongan outfit)








Jonathan Tamag of Yap BA,2008.


Tamag is working at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health program (SAMH) in Yap, Federated States of Micronesia.






Gary Linny

Gary graduated in 2012 with his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with a Minor in Education and now he is serving as a Classroom Instructor at the Ta Elementary School in Mortlocks, Chuuk FSM.








Daystone Roby -C of 2002

Daystone is working at the Federated States of Micronesia national government in Palikir, Pohnpei as a Computer Technician (IT). He is serving as associate Pastor at the Sokehs Pah Church in Sokehs Pohnpei. Daystone is married with three kids and they are expecting their fourth one. Daystone travels within the FSM for his job and many times he has come to see us on campus here in Guam.




Douglas O’Meara

Alumni 3-12 1

2010, BA

Current Ministry
-Youth Ministry in Virginia

Words of Encouragement
I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for PIU and the love and support of the faculty and staff and professors there. The family atmosphere makes living away from home so much easier. I encourage anyone and everyone who wants to experience Christ go to PIU. They won’t only experience Christ but they will be changed, renewed, and find a self worth.




Smileen I. Dobich

2008 BA in Biblical Studies

2008 BA in Biblical Studies

Current Ministry
– Little Lambs Pre-School and Day CareWords of Encouragement
PIBC or PIU have been a great impact on my life, it has challenges me in every aspect of life. It teaches me a lot from staff to students and students among themselves. Fellowship is one thing that I missed. All my classmates are still connected till now and our closeness is so unique more like real family, that’s why I say cherish every moment and every time spent. You will never regret every bit of it. I’m not! hehe 🙂 God Bless!


Alumni speakers for our PIU Days 2012

This year’s theme: Psalm 34:8 “O taste that the LORD is good; how blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”

John Tomada

John Tomada will be speaking on the first session on Friday evening.

John, Lisa and their son.

John, Lisa and their son.

John on the plane back to Guam from China Mission in 2004.

John on the plane back to Guam from China Mission in 2004.









Constant Enlet

Constant Enlet will be speaking on the second session and this on Saturday evening.

Constant and his son.

Constant and his son


Constant and Rejoice Enlet

Constant and Rejoice Enlet

John Jim

John Jim will be the speaker for the Sunday evening session. He is serving as the Chuukese pastor of the Maraianas Baptist Church in Agat.


John Jim speaking in Chapel.











Grateful Nokar

Class of 2011, BA in Biblical Studies

Class of 2011, BA in Biblical Studies


Grate was the Valedictorian speaker of the Graduating class of 2011. He is currently serving at the Berea Christian School at Berea Evangelical Church and a part time teacher at the Upward Bound Program at College of Micronesia-FSM Chuuk campus. Grate was part of the PIU-YAP mission 2011.

Kalvin and Jayvina Assito

Class of 2008, BA in Biblical Studies

Class of 2008, BA in Biblical Studies

Both graduated from the Guam campus in 2008 where both obtained Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Biblical Studies. Kalvin is working at the College of Micronesia and Jayvina works at the Department of education in the Special Education section. They recently had baby Naiel.






Daisy Ultich (2005 BA)








She is married with one boy (Brandon). Daisy is currently serving as teacher at the Bethania High School in Palau. Daisy was on the first Cross-Cultural ministry team to Harbin, China and Germany.

Ancherson and Amely William









Both Ancherson and Amely graduated in 2003. Ancherson was on the trip to Germany for the Libenzell Mission festival.They both enrolled at the Grace University in Omaha Nebraska where Mr. William acquired his BA in Christian Psychology. They are currently serving in Atlantic, Iowa as Pastor of the Chuukese Christian Fellowship.

John and Lisa Tomada



John and Lisa met here at PIU and they got married while studying at the Dallas Theological Seminary. They both graduate from DTS with MA’s. John was on the first Cross-cultural mission trip to Harbin, China. Lisa was once dean of women at PIU.



Johnny Esa

Greetings to you my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ, Merry Christmas: I hope that my greetings will find you in good health. We are approaching the very important day that our Lord Jesus Christ was born as an ordinary person not the Prince of princes and the King of kings because He was died on the cross like a sinner because of me. I was away in a foreign place thousand miles from my home place to witness this name Jesus to thousands of people, and the question they kept asking me who is this Jesus you talk about every day? And the answer I had, “He is my everything and He is my Lord”. We are here to proclaim that Jesus Christ is the King, the Savior and our God who will come back in his glory and judge the world for his evil ways and what is our task today before He comes back? Lets us all stand up walk out on the field share this name Jesus to everybody.

Johnny Esa, ARC Assistant

Asia Oshiro

Hey Everyone!

My name is Asia Oshiro and I am part of the Alumni Relations Team. I just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas!

This Christmas season, I will be doing some interesting things. For the next few Sundays, I am going to be playing the part of Mary in my church’s children’s ministry event: “The Bethlehem Experience.” This event is not necessarily a play. It is an interactive experience. Children come into the room and either watch the characters move along the story or speak to the characters. The room is set up like you were walking into Bethlehem. The children are asked to pay taxes and they can go to merchants or the synagogue or other places.

Another thing I will be doing is serving the homeless with my family. Every year, my mother’s company serves a Christmas meal to the homeless at a shelter. It reminds me how important it is to serve others. It helps me reflect on all the blessings God has given me, and it humbles me.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and will be able to shine on for Christ this holiday season!

Merry Christmas,

Asia Oshiro

3rd Class of MIBS:

A special dedication to the graduating class of 1981 and those that are faithfully serving the Lord here in the islands and abroad, it is the Lord that calls you to service and he will bring you to completion. The One who calls you is faithful.

1. Paul Otoko- Pastor at the ANCC – All Nations Community Church in Pasadena CA, He and his wife Aileen been working at the William Carey International University and the U.S Center for World Missions.

2. Johnny Sam- Pastor Kuttu Church- Chuuk Micronesia

3. Limasang R. Tem- teacher and former Principal of Bethania High School- Palau

4. Esther H Askin-

Johnny Sam

Faithfully serving the Lord in the churches in the Mortlock Islands – Father of Charles and Jaynee our current students.

Joe Enlet

Name: Joe Enlet

From: Chuuk State, FSM

Class: 2002, Tol Chuuk campus

Current location: Portland, Oregon

Occupation: Student at Multnomah Biblical Seminary of Multnomah University

Program of Studies: Master of Divinity in Theological Studies (M.Div/TS)


Joe and Rosleen

Joe & Rosleen

“Ranannim!! I am Joe Enlet from Chuuk State, FSM and I am married to Rosleen (Leen) Enlet from Chuuk who is also a PIBC alum class of 2004. We have two daughters, Kielain Grace (5yrs old) and Yafa-lei Hesedia (2yrs old). We currently live in Portland, Oregon and I am finishing up my last year at Multnomah Biblical Seminary. Hopefully, I will graduate in May 2012. We are involved with a number of Chuukese churches in the area doing mainly teaching and preaching. My wife is working and I am doing what I used to do back in Tol: parasiting!! I work as a Teaching Fellow at the seminary in the theology department and am also an intern at Multnomah’s Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins. All of these by God’s grace and without Him I can do nothing.

Kielain Grace & Yafa-lei Hesedia

Kielain Grace & Yafa-lei Hesedia

I thank God for blessing us with the many relationships that we have here in the U.S. God’s grace through relationships has been sustaining us ever since we got here in 2007. We are more and more convinced of God’s love for us as it unfolds in every chapter of our lives. All of the blessings and accomplishments that have come our way are not a result of my doing, or my strong faith, or my studying hard (actually I am the opposite of these). It is all because of God’s grace and his love for us in Christ Jesus that we are sustained until this very moment and able to move forward. Christ is constantly forming our hearts to realize that all of the accomplishments and accolades of the world mean nothing if our lives are not transformed by his love. Please pray for us so that we would grow in trust and humility as we live for Him. There have been so many failures and downs in our lives, but God has shown us this truth:

…“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong. (2 Cor 12:9-10).

Glory be to his name!!

Joe & Leen

Jonathan & Charity Sam, class of 2008

Hi and Mogethin from the island of Stone Money! From Mr.& Mrs.Sam, class of 2008 PIBC/PIU Guam.

Right after our marriage, August of 2009, We were with families in Chuuk. In the meantime, we helped out with the E.C.C Mission School, Berea Christian School, teaching High school and Middle School. The summer after the school year, we moved to Yap. Until today we are still here working and helping out in the ministry here in Yap.

Jonathan is teaching Pacific History to the 9th graders at Yap High School, while Charity is working in the PIU Yap Teaching Facility. So far, there are four full time students taking classes this semester. Students with not so much Biblical background or Bible knowledge but they are very determine and tries their very best in their classes.

Aside from the work we do, we also help out in the ministry here in Yap. Jonathan preaches on Sunday services. The Yapese service, Chuukese and sometimes the Palauan Church and the PMF, if asked. We also help lead the youth, organize and plan activities and just work and learn alongside the elders and Pastors of Yap Evangelical Church. We come to think of this place as an open door to field work and a training ground for the both of us. So far, we both want to continue with our education. We are still seeking and saving for the right school and open door for us.

As for alumni here in Yap, we meet twice a month. Our first meeting is always our prayer fellowship, and the second is our official meeting. We hope to get the four students (TF students) to participate in the activities and meetings as well. Our prayer and goal is to work alongside in the ministry and aim to help students from Yap who goes to PIU. Our ministry is targeted in some areas: Church ministry, Community ministry, Kids ministry, Workshops and Radio ministry and especially advertising PIU and recruiting as well.

We humbly ask for your prayers support as we continue this journey and seek the Lords willing for our lives. Here are some prayer requests that you can help us pray for specifically:

*God would reveal His will to the family
*John would be used to minister to the students at Yap High School
*Students would be touched by the Holy Spirit and their lives be transformed
*God would provide a qualified teacher to meet the proper academic needs of the school
*Ministry opportunities would open
*Alumni would be faithful
*God would bring in more ministers to Yap. “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”

Your Brother and Sister in Christ
Jonathan & Charity Sam

Mac Alfonso

Mac Alfonso

Mac Alfonso

Mac graduated with a BA in Biblical Studies in the 2008. He has been on many mission trips including the very first PIBC/PIU mission trip to Harbin, China. After graduating he was commissioned by the Palau Evangelical Church as a missionary to the Palauan-Yap Evangelical Church. Recently he has been serving in Church ministries as well as teaching at the Dalipebinaw Community School in Yap.



Stella Fatag

Stella Fatag

Stella Fatag

I was a 2007 graduate from Pacific Islands University and have been serving as a staff member in the library on the Guam Campus for four years as Library Technician. I do children’s ministry at Calvary Baptist Church where I have been a Sunday School teacher for five years. God has blessed me through PIU and the Church where I am serving!



Peng Li

Peng Li Johnson

Peng Li Johnson

Peng Li, known by most as Libby, graduated in May 2011 as PIU’s first graduate of the Master of Arts in Religion program.