Pacific Islands University is an evangelical institution committed to a biblical philosophy of education, centered on the revelation of the triune God, which culminates in Jesus Christ, and has its full understanding only through the Scriptures. PIU is committed to the Bible as God’s holy and inerrant Word, and to the integration of all knowledge under its authority. The process of equipping students with a working knowledge of God’s Word is based on the conviction that the foundational principles for every area of learning are in the Bible. PIU seeks to stimulate the spiritual development of its students according to the biblical mandate of discipleship, and to provide academic, social, and spiritual resources so students can mature and develop their gifts to serve the Lord.

The study of God’s truth as revealed in Scripture and the search for academic truth at PIU are guided by experienced, spiritual, qualified faculty members, who understand that their responsibility as Christian leaders, under the ministry of the Holy Spirit, is to impart biblical truth, and to train students to discern truth. Thus, they assist students to acquire the information, skills, perspectives and commitment necessary for effective Christian service. In addition, the faculty and staff provide an educational environment of Christian integrity and love that enhances and supports the learning experience.

The goal of PIU is to provide servant leaders whose lives are well integrated with a solid, biblical world view and who accept their responsibilities to glorify God and serve their fellow man. Some students will enter vocational Christian service, while others will be a vital testimony in the community and the local church. All are taught to evaluate critically the issues of life against the standard of God’s inspired Word.