PIU Partners with First Presbyterian Church Guam
Pacific Islands University was birthed by three fellowships of churches: The Evangelical Church of Chuuk, The Palauan Evangelical Church, and the Yapese Evangelical Church. Also instrumental in PIU’s founding was Liebenzell Mission, the group which not only founded those churches but others around the world. Pacific Islands University continues to emphasize the local church in what we are doing. Embedded in the school’s mission is this commitment to the church, “. . . to prepare men and women with a biblical worldview for leadership and service in life, work, and ministry in the global community and the church.”  (http://piu.edu/purpose-mission-goals, emphasis added) .


PIU President, Howard Merrell is pleased to announce a new partnership between First Presbyterian Church Guam, and Pacific Islands University. Pastor Byung Kim first heard of PIU when he met one of our alumni while visiting in Chuuk. He decided to make further inquiry and chose the best way to get know PIU–he made a personal visit to the campus. Pastor Byung Kim saw in the University an opportunity to strengthen the churches in Micronesia and a means to provide the people of Micronesia quality education taught from an unapologetically Christian viewpoint.