October 12, 2010 news release by the State of Yap Department of Youth & Civic Affairs(pdf)

In the beginning of October, Steve Stinnette, the PIU VP of Advancement, and Dave Owen, PIU President, visited Yap to talk with church and government leaders, alumni and potential students as there seemed to be a lot of interest in PIU re-opening the Yap Teaching Facility there. The original teaching facility building was flooded during Typhoon Sudal in 2004 and it was determined that it needed to be moved up the hill. The building was finished last year by the group from Gateway Bible Church in Santa Cruz, and Ben Boudreault. The picture below shows it is still empty. We need to get class and computer room furniture and library shelving. Steve and Dave traveled to Yap to begin the process of getting the facility ready for opening the teaching facility next January.

Steve had already received an enthusiastic welcome from government, business and church leaders last summer and Steve and Dave wanted to follow up on that. In the Yap education office they were able to meet with the Director of Education who gave us a list of 54 names of interested students. They were also encouraged to hear that the Yap State Scholarship would be again available to PIU students from Yap. At the Yap legislature we met with the speaker of the Yap legislature, Senator Chieng who stressed the importance to us of Christian character building in education and provided support and encouragement to us.

The Yap Evangelical Church has been tremendous in this operation. The church is donating the use of the building and area to use for the teaching facility. Dave appreciated the gracious cooperative spirit of the church leaders as Dave and Steve met with them to discuss the operation of the facility. We are planning to serve the church with seminar training in addition to our regular accredited PIU programs.

We are excited about being back in Yap and look forward to serving many Yapese students.