Guam’s 20th International Coastal Cleanup

Every year Guam has a Coastal Cleanup to make Guam a cleaner, more beautiful place.  Here is Melvin’s take on the cleanup last September.

Hello, my name is Melvin Fanoway. I am the Vice President for the Student Counsel (StuCo) at Pacific Islands University. On Saturday September 20th StuCo took the opportunity to get the students involved in Guam’s 20th International Coastal Cleanup. It was a great chance for us as students to help out our community by joining with other citizens of Guam and cleaning up an assigned piece of coast. It was fun, dirty and a great chance to build community not only amongst ourselves (the students) but also with the citizens of Guam.

During that Coastal Clean-up it was really fun. It was my FIRST time to go out to that place. And I was so excited because I thought we’ll go picking up trash at the Cave, but then we didn’t. But it was fun when we picking up trash on the road coming back. I had a lot of experiences, about this people living here in Guam. It’s like they don’t care about this Island. This Island should be clean because its part of U.S.A. So when people come, like tourists, and not only tourists, even the other foreigners, they’ll be able to have fun and enjoying their vacation of staying here on Guam. But it was good time. We did our best to pick every trash that we saw.