Student Council (STUCO)

The Student Council consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer who are elected by the entire student body, the Representatives of each individual class, and a staff advisor, who must be present at all meetings. The Student Council represents the entire student body to the administration. It acts as a channel through which students may make constructive suggestions to the administration. It also serves an important role by being actively involved in the recreational programs of college functions and programs for special holidays and special activities.

STUCO Vision Statement:

STUCO exists to be servant leaders by being the representation for students to the administration with concerns and issues as well as encouraging community where students are being transformed through and by building relationships within Pacific Islands University community and Guam community (1 Timothy 4:12).

STUCO Mission Statement:

STUCO’s mission is to provide servant leaders in order to foster community by upholding servant hearts to stimulate relationship building (inside and outside of the classroom), illustrate unity as well as Christian growth, and planning student-led activities; to live and work together in love, peace and unity; to protect and strive to honor the Triune God, and to achieve our goal of fostering community to show the love of Christ throughout PIU and Guam.

Resident Assistants (RA)

The dormitory a PIU student’s “home away from home.” At PIU we try to make your dorm a real home for you. A student may be appointed by the Dean as a Resident Assistant (RA) to assist him/her in attending to your physical and spiritual needs. The main concern of the Dean and the RA is to be of humble service to you.

RA Vision Statement:

As an Extension of the Student Life team, we, the RAs, exist to provide accountability, relationship building, spiritual and physical assistance and model servant leadership.

RA Mission Statement:

The RAs mission is to build a trustful community through open and honest communication, and willingness of availability to other needs, having patience in dealing with situations within ourselves and others and stepping forward in a position of leading with humility in the dorms, the classroom and everywhere else.