Student Life

When you arrive on the Guam campus for the first time you’ll discover a whole new world. While many of your fellow students are probably similar to you in background, you’ll find that you’ve entered into an intentionally cross-cultural world with students from many islands, various Asian countries, and the US. Many staff members are from North America and because Guam itself is a very diverse place there are numerous opportunities for learning how to relate to people different from you.

Most of our Guam students currently live on campus but about 15% commute to school for classes, chapel, discipleship groups, and activities.

Whether you are living on campus or off campus you’ll be able to take advantage of the many unique opportunities for fun, fellowship, and service. Most students develop meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

Campus living can also provide a variety of difficult challenges to one’s faith and patience. Some of your fellow students will struggle with the adjustment from high school to college academics — from adolescence to adulthood. Others, having never have lived with people from other backgrounds, will be dealing with cultural prejudices. Some students will be confronted with unhealthy behavioral patterns that they developed as children or youth. Many will just be discovering Christ for the first time. You’ll be challenged to draw on the grace of God to live in such stretching circumstances. But you’ll also reap the rewards that come with genuine Christian community.

Students should familiarize themselves with the school’s expectations prior to applying. Please ask for and read the Student Handbook that establishes community standards.

Student Handbook (.pdf)