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Welcome to Student Development!

We want to welcome you on behalf of PIU. Every person within student development has a very different story as to how we became part of PIU, but we have the same heart when it comes to serving the students here at PIU. We desire to encourage and develop a strong, healthy community. A community that serves one another and builds one another up to be better people beyond the PIU community.

When you spend anytime here at PIU, you become aware of the vast cultural differences represented here. These differences are not a problem per se, but more like an obstacle course. Student Development team has taken the task of trying to work through some of the cultural differences. We have adopted a few intentional steps that we have listed, and hopefully, through time and prayer, the cultural differences would be a point of celebration.

Student Development desires to build a culture of trust. It has been brought to our attention that trust was very hard to come by. The mindset was, students versus staff, and it usually took a mediator, someone from their culture, to bring two sides together. In our development training, we discuss how we need to establish our own culture, one centered on Christ and the PIU community. We want to build on the things we have in common, which isn’t much, but enough to unify us. We are going to handle discipline with grace and truth and allow our RAs to be the ones to build relationships and foster a fun environment.

The second objective is to establish an environment of fun. Everyone would agree that college should be fun. Yes, we do want to honor the academic requirements, but we also want the students to enjoy being here. So far this year we have been to the beach, bowling, eaten many meals together, and have plans to do many more things.

The final objective is to foster an attitude of service. “Your attitude is your altitude”(unknown) has been something that we have talked about a lot with our leadership team. We are setting expectations for all of our leaders to lead through service. We also plan on fulfilling the great commission by serving the community and church locally and hopefully regionally.